A Beary Unusual Pet


A Readers' Theater Script by Ella Kennen and Tim Weibel



This readers theater skit features three children whose parents will allow them to select a pet.  The parents are a little surprised by their children's choice.三个孩子选了什么动物作宠物,让他们的父母感到惊讶呢?


6 Characters (in order of appearance) Narrator    6个人物   1个叙述人 

                         注释:narrator: 叙述人 Baker:贝克(姓氏)beary: very的变声词。

              Robin  Mrs. Baker     Chris   Mr. Baker        Sam



Part 1



Narrator:              The Baker children have wanted a pet for a very long time.    Whenever they ask their parents, the answer is always the same.


 Robin:                  Can we buy a kitten? (注释:kitten:小猫咪)


 Mrs. Baker:          No.  Your brother is allergic to cat hair. 

                              ( 注释:allergic:过敏)


 Chris:                   Can we buy an aquarium with fish? (注释: aquarium:鱼缸

Mr. Baker:            No.  Cleaning fish tanks is too much work.


Sam:                    I caught this snake in the front yard.  Can we keep it?


Mrs. Baker:          Certainly not!





Part 2



One day, Mr. and Mrs. Baker must have been in a very good mood.  They called their three children into the living room and asked them to sit down. (注释:in a very good mood:心情好



Mrs. Baker:          Your father and I have been talking


 Mr. Baker:            …and we think that you are old enough and mature enough…


 Mrs. Baker:          To get a pet.


 Mr. Baker:            You can choose the pet, but you children must take full responsibility for it.


 All kids:               Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Mr. Baker:            Why dont you kids talk about what type of pet youd like, then let us know? (注释:孩子们,谈下你们想要什么宠物。



Part 3

Narrator:              Mr. and Mrs. Baker knew their children would have trouble deciding on the perfect pet.  After only ten minutes, the kids came back into the living room.



Sam:                    We’ve thought about it.


Robin:                  And we know what pet we want.


Chris                    We want to get....


 All kids:               A bear.


 Mrs. Baker:          A teddy bear, you mean?

teddy bear 泰迪熊



Part 4

Sam:                    Nope.  A real bear. Think about it. Its the perfect pet. First,

its special. I dont know any other kid who has a bear. Do you?


Robin:                  Bears are easy to feed. They love things like berries and honey and fish.

                           (注释:Bears are easy to feed:熊容易喂养。)


 Chris:                   And they sleep in the winter, so we can go on trips during the holidays.



Robin:                  It would also be the perfect guard pet, dont you think? Burglars would stay far away from our house if we had a pet bear. (注释:perfect guard pet非常适合看家的宠物)


Narrator:              The children didnt notice their parents turning pale.(注释:turning pale 脸煞白)



Sam:                    Of course, we’ll need a bigger bedroom, so the bear can fit. But other than that, I think were all set. What do you think?



Part 5

Narrator:              There was silence. The children looked at their parents' faces for the first time since they had started talking.


Robin:                  Were not getting a bear, are we?



Narrator:              Mr. and Mrs. Baker looked at each other thoughtfully.  They were surprised that their children wanted a bear.  The children were

even more surprised at their parents' answer. (注释: surprised:惊讶)


Mrs. Baker:          Of course you can have a bear!


 Mr. Baker:            Your mom and I think it's a wonderful idea!


 All kids:               You do?



Part 6

Mrs. Baker:          Now, if we get a bear, you children will need to be responsible

for feeding it.  Let's see, how much would a bear eat? (注释:be responsible for:负责)


 Mr. Baker:            Hmm... I'd say a bear could eat about 20 pounds of berries each day and five or six large fish.



Mrs. Baker:          That's too much for me to carry home from the store.  The kids will have to walk to the supermarket to pick these things up every day.



Mr. Baker:            Yes, it will be hard on the kids in the winter.  They'll have to walk a  mile to the supermarket in the snow. (注释:hard on the kids:对孩子还说很困难。)


Mrs. Baker:          They'll also have to walk a mile back, carrying all of the bear food.


 Sam:                    Walk a whole mile?


 Robin:                  Every day?


Chris:                   Even in the winter?


Part 7


Mr. Baker:            And, of course, bear food is expensive too.  We certainly couldn't afford to buy bear food at the supermarket each week.



Mrs. Baker:          You're right, Honey.  I guess the kids will need to buy all the fish and berries with their own money.


 All kids:               Our own money!?



Mr. Baker:            Oh, yes.  But don't worry.  It shouldn't cost more than $500 a week.


 Chris:                   But we don't have $500 a week.


 Robin:                  We only get $6 a week for an allowance.


 Mrs. Baker:          Oh, that's right.  I didn't even think of that.


Mr. Baker:            No problem!  We'll give you extra chores to earn money.


Mrs. Baker:          What a great idea!  For $500 a week, the kids will be doing work around here all day long.


 Robin:                  But Dad...


 Mrs. Baker:          They could do laundry and cook dinner every night.


 Sam:                    Mom, no!


Mr. Baker:            And clean the garage, and mow the lawn, and iron clothes. (要清洁车库,给草坪割草,熨衣服)


All kids:               Stop!  Stop!  Stop!


Narrator:              The Baker children couldn't take it any more!  They didn't want to walk to the supermarket every day.  They didn't want to spend their allowance money on bear food.  And they certainly did not want more chores! (注释:take it:忍受 allowance money:零花钱 chores:家务

Part 8









We'd like to change our minds.





Perhaps a bear is not the right pet for us.





Our second choice is much more sensible.



Mrs. Baker:


Oh?  What is your second choice?  Is it an elephant?


A horse?


Mr. Baker:


Is it a rhinoceros?  Maybe a dinosaur?

(注释:rhinoceros 犀牛 dinosaur:恐龙)



All kids:







We'd love to get a puppy!  (注释:puppy:小狗)





We want a furry puppy!





We want a puppy that will play fetch and roll over!

(注释:play fetch and roll over!:玩接物和打滚)



Mr. Baker:


Now THAT is a sensible decision.



Part 9

Narrator:              Two days later, Chris, Sam, and Robin walked through their front

door with a new puppy.



Mr. Baker:            Why don't you name your new puppy Domino?


Sam:                    No.  That name is not quite right.


Mrs. Baker:          Why don't you name your new puppy Buster?


   Robin:                  No.  Buster doesn't sound right either.


Mr. Baker:            Then what will you name him? (想给小狗起什么名字呢?)


   All kids:                Bear!





1.         List 3 reasons the children thought a bear would make

a good pet.



2.         What did Mr. and Mrs. Baker say when their children decided they wanted a bear.

3.         Name 3 reasons the children decided they did not want a bear for a pet.



4.         Mr. Baker thinks a bear would eat about $500 worth of food per week.  How much would it

cost to feed a bear for a month?


5.         Near the end of the story, the children's parents ask if their second choice is an elephant,

a horse, a rhinoceros, or a dinosaur.  When they say this, what is their tone of voice?


Suggested Answers to these questions