Our services

(A) Online spoken English teaching
Practice spoken English online with a native English speaker now! You can just stay home and learn authentic spoken English. No need to travel far to school now! Click here to buy learning hours on Taobao.

(B) English Translation
Our translator Dr. Jack He has 15 years of experience in Chinese-English translation. Dr He holds a PhD degree in Translation Studies from Newcastle University in England. Other translation qualifications Dr He has include: Test for English Majors (TEM) 8 certificate and China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI)  . He has enough spare time to do part time translation, and can ensure that his translation is proofread by native English speakers Stewart Grant and Joe Banks from America. Please call or text Jack now: 137 - 2763 - 1753 or send WeChat/QQ message or just e-mail at 447144336@qq.com. After you order our service on taobao.com and make the payment you can send a text message, or call to remind Jack. He will immediately arrange time to translate. He gets online and checks offline messages at least three times a day. Jack is proficient at translating: resumes, essays, abstracts, business surveys, contracts and so on.

(C) Foreign teacher proofreading
Our team at JHK provides a swift and professional English proofreading and editing service for speakers of English as a second language. Please note: the service is 120 yuan per 1000 words (updated:14/02/2015). Please use Microsoft Word's "word count" function to calculate your essay's words. Before sending your essay to us, please use the "spelling and grammar" function to check spelling, so that our foreign teachers can help you more efficiently. If your essay has a Chinese version, please send it to us too so that we may have better understanding of your essay. Sorry, but currently we do not accept essays which are machine translated from Chinese to English.


(D) Business Consultation
Drs. He and James are here to help you communicate more effectively with your business contacts and potential clients in the United States. Our goal is to make your business communications with the United States more effective and profitable.  We not only offer translation service, but also business consultation. .



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