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You want to expand your business in America but your English is not proficient enough? You can speak English, but you keep making/causing misunderstandings, and your business partners do not trust you? Do not make cultural mistakes that cause embarrassment and a loss of business opportunity. Doing business is complex in America, and Finding a reputable professional is difficult. What should you do?


You will need an experienced consultant to guide you. Drs. He and James are here to help you communicate more effectively with your business contacts and potential clients in the United States. Our goal is to make your business communications with the United States more effective and profitable.  We not only offer translation service, but also business consultation.  


Dr. Mark James, Assistant Professor University of Georgia System and Dr. Jack He, JHK CEO. International Business Communications and Investing Consultants. Specializing in Chinese Businesses communicating and investing in the USA.

Drs. He and James both have rich cultural background/experiences living and working in China, America, and the UK. We offer business consultation. We will navigate you through the business culture in America.

Dr. He can teach Business English through WeChat and QQ. He can translate your business letters, improve your English, and familiarize you with American culture.

Dr. James can conduct Business Analysis, data analysis, market analysis…




Who we are

Dr. James

Dr. James is an expert in International Business Communication and Cross Cultural Management and investments. He is an Assistant Professor of Management in the University System of Georgia – Columbus State University. He has a PhD. in Management and Organizations from the University of Wisconsin, an MBA in International Business from the University of San Diego and a BA in Accounting from Washington State University. Dr. James worked for six years at Hong Kong Baptist University – United International College, the mainland China Campus of Hong Kong Baptist University. He has over 20 years of corporate management experience working for large multinational corporations in the United States.

Dr. He

Zhengguo Dr. He is an expert in cross-cultural communication. Dr. He gained his PhD in Translation Studies (Chinese-English) in Newcastle University (UK) after his bachelor’s in Henan University of Technology and master’s in Guangxi University. Dr. He has over 15 years of experience in English language teaching and professional translation. He also owns and runs JHK Education for over ten years.  



Our service

·         Avoiding or managing controversy or embarrassment

·         Email writing /business correspondence

·         Business Analysis

·         Building relationships and first impressions

·         Communicating with staff, hired help, or those serving you

·         Dining etiquette

·         Gift-giving and receiving

·         Joining social or networking groups

·         Personal habits and common courtesies

·         Social Media in America

·         Social structure, authority and hierarchy

·         Understanding American names and how to use them

Examples of American culture (customs or traditions) where understanding can enable greater comfort and enjoyable participation:

·         American demeanor, values & beliefs

·         American symbolism and important facts

·         Celebrations (weddings, Birthday, graduation, engagement, retirement, etc.)

·         Holidays

·         Religion

·         Sports

·         “The Arts” (television, movies, theater, art, music)






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